Arab dating customs

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Arab dating websites have played a key role in allowing those seeking an Arab partner, find one.

Those who have studied both the Bible and the modern Arabs will quickly recognize that in many instances there is a striking similarity between the customs and traditions displayed by both.

This is especially true where marriage is concerned.

Indeed, understanding the Arab customs concerning marriage will illuminate and clarify many biblical references concerning marriage.

Image damo199 via Flickr When my grandparents and parents got married, arranged marriages in Morocco were still very much the norm, but as the modern age is slowly rendering many religious and cultural traditions somewhat archaic and as Arabic culture starts to assimilate many aspects of Western culture, arranged marriages are slowly becoming obsolete. However, it is shunned upon by elders in the family, so usually if you are dating, it is kept a secret until the eligible bachelor has asked your parents for your hand, and the blessing is given.

That is when you are officially a couple…and engaged.

The city has a host of popular nightclubs and bars, which are popular venues for meeting people of all different nationalities.

Therefore, dating is not uncommon in the city, but the rules governing dating in Dubai are very different from those in the UK, Europe or the USA.

“Every age, every culture, every custom and tradition has its own character, its own weakness and its own strength, its beauties and cruelties; it accepts certain sufferings as matters of course, puts up patiently with certain evils.

1) Complaining about your overtly jealous woman then throwing tantrums when she merely glances at other men in the room.

You are not the Sultan and whatever applies to her applies to you as well. 2) Flaunting your finances when wooing a woman, wining and dining her at the priciest spots in town, ordering the ridiculous magnum champagne bottles and showering her with expensive gifts only to later complain that she’s only with you for your money. 3) Her style is what got you noticing her in the first place, but suddenly you’re not feeling those mini dresses and shorts anymore.

This was the person that you would marry, get along with, have a family and to whom you would remain faithful for the rest of your life.

Indeed, it could be said that this method of finding love saves a lot of time, effort and heartache.

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