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As a result of her father's success, Tori was raised in the lap of luxury; her family lived in the largest single-family home in the state of California, a mansion featuring more than 100 rooms including a gift-wrapping room, doll museum and bowling alley.

Spelling's early immersion in the world of Hollywood gave her the acting bug at a young age.

The story initially presented Brandon as a flawed boy scout, Brenda as a good-hearted rebel, Kelly as a good-natured snob, Steve as a laid-back thrill-seeker, Andrea as a strait-laced smart girl, Dylan as a sensitive loner, David as a geeky musician, and Donna as a quirky, socially awkward girl.

Several of these characters were developed over time, revealing subsequent layers as they matured.

As a result of Jim’s job reassignment, the family moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, California.Her mother, Candy Spelling, is best known for her work as an author.Spelling's father, Aaron Spelling, was a Hollywood director known for producing the TV hits .The show followed many of these figures into early adulthood as it progressed, while also introducing several new characters and new relationships.During the peak of its success in the early 1990s, Beverly Hills, 90210 gained mainstream worldwide popularity—making its ensemble cast famous, launching 4 spin-offs, and becoming a television icon.

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