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As a large professional crystal manufacturer, we provide a wide range of crystal products from standard crystal such as beads, balls, engraved 3D lasers, perfume bottles, vases and chandelier parts to Swarovski-like high quality crystal products.

Established in 2001, with registered capacity of one million US dollars, the predecessor of Zhejiang Pujiang Jingsheng Crystal Co., Ltd.

was the Pujiang Crystal Ornaments Factory, which was set up in 1988 and was considered as one of the earliest crystal factories that engaged in crystal crafts industry in China.

what is the expected value the newman construction company bids on a job to construct a building.

if the bid is won, there is a 0.7 probability of making a 5,000 profit and there is a probability of 0.3 that the contractor will break even.

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