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Unfortunately, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t spot a free table anywhere. A table will be free soon,” shouts the restaurant host from across the floor. He asks both men what they’d like to eat but they’ll both just be having drinks tonight. Less stress would be fantastic.” He smiles and points to his scalp. But the kind of money I make now is very difficult to walk away from. Later, when I’ve got all the money I need I’ll pursue all my passions. I’ll take my team, leave the bank and establish a boutique investment bank. Personally, I have been doing this my whole life and I do like beer, but I never leave the house without my laptop. I think if you want lots of travel and vacations, work for the government or some company that sells to the government. Though the most important part to me was the “4 years latest”. He points right over the investment banker’s left shoulder. Bye.” His heart is pounding so he stays outside a minute longer before stepping back inside. “Need to be more like you.” He takes out a couple of notes and places them on a the table. Drinks are on me.” “No, let’s split it,” suggests the blogger. “It was a pleasure.” “Likewise,” replies the blogger. America’s largest media recently expressed an interest to acquire a social media news site for over 0 million and the bank is hoping to advise the seller and his team. I just cannot explain in words how much I loved and enjoyed reading this article.From the start, the Times story smacked of a junky romantic comedy script (think “Bride Wars”), the kind that bumps along on a string of giddily repugnant stereotypes about femininity (and masculinity) and that reverberates only with a dim echo of anything you know to be true about men, women and humanity.Even the Times story’s headline — “It’s the Economy, Girlfriend!The Times responded to Holmes, defending the piece and snottily concluding: I'm not sure what is thought might be fake about this.Ravi did talk to some of the men to verify the relationships and get their create a definitive guide for dating on Wall Street.Just remember: There are always exceptions to every rule.

The Times had chronicled the meetings and Web site of this purported support group for girlfriends of Wall Street machers whose dating lives had recently been drained of their liquidity.

” — looked like it belonged on the chick lit aisle at Barnes & Noble, and the DABA site’s language of welcome — “if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life” — sounded like a pitch for a 2003 television series.

How much of the DABA project was in earnest and how much was satirical or just plain made up remains cloudy, even after the Times’ note (and the NPR and Newsweek stories about the group).

Many say they’d rather date teachers or some exotic trapeze artist–anything different from what they already do.

Conversely, some women don’t date bankers because they find them self-absorbed, too busy and overly work-focused.

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