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The Shallow Man recently watched an episode of Masterchef USA.When some of the contestants were told that they were going further in the show, they shouted.This might be perceived as impersonal and patronising by other cultures, but is the norm in Dutch culture.According to a source on Dutch culture, Their directness gives many the impression that they are rude and crude—attributes they prefer to call ‘openness’. Asking about basic rules will not be considered impolite.Virtually all of the feedback received was about the differences in dating Dutch and American men, which I’ll also feature in today’s post.Be warned that I’ll generalize somewhat, so please don’t send me messages saying “BS, my Dutch Lion isn’t anything like you describe in your posts, YOU’RE RACIST!!!

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Forget the nonsense they teach you on the Inburgering course, that’s just there to confuse foreigners and hopefully scare some to choose not to remain in the Netherlands once they are taught that not placing the divider thingy on the conveyor belt in supermarkets is a serious social faux pas.What may strike you as being blatantly blunt topics and comments are no more embarrassing or unusual to the Dutch than discussing the weather.The author Colleen Geske stated in her book Stuff Dutch people like that "Dutch people consider the English or American forms of politeness a sign of weakness, and reeking of insincerity and hypocrisy . Research for Dutch world service radio concluded that just over half of the Dutch people living abroad consider their compatriots at home less well-mannered than other nationalities.I towered over a heck of alot of people and became pretty used to jabs about my height like, “How is the oxygen up there?” Or complaints about causing neck injuries each time I stooped to hug a friend.

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