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I bore my testimony about this painful experience in church because, miraculously, I'm getting through it. Dear Dating Again, Honestly, I'm sure some man in the congregation crossed you off of his "potential spouse" list, after he heard your story.I felt like sharing my story might offer hope to another person. It could be a coincidence, but I'm worried that I've ruined my reputation with the men before any of them got the chance to know me. But, this is the risk we take whenever we reveal any portion of ourselves to other people.Angela Trusty gives advice about religion and relationships.Lots of times we don't know right or wrong, but lots of times we do, and this sure is one.Fair or not, there is always this idea that there could be something going on with a player.Far more often than not that isn't the case -- these are smart, qualified professionals trying to do the best work possible in a difficult environment -- but it's within boundaries to wonder if this makes it even tougher for these women to be perceived fairly. ("We don't comment on ongoing personnel company matters," a NESN spokesperson told me when asked to comment for this story.) It's been 15 days since the picture was tweeted out and there has been nothing from NESN, not one word.

In December 1894, "Eldersburgh" was shortened to "Eldersburg".

Share your heart with your ward family and allow them to see and know you.

I would also add that even though you're healing from your divorce, it's natural to be somewhat insecure about what other people might think.

I didn't think about the fact that maybe people would be less inclined to date me knowing that I've been through a divorce. They can reject us, they can decide we aren't good enough, they can hurt us.

Lucky for you, you don't need to worry about those people. You were moved to share a story about how the gospel has blessed your life, even during trial. Continue to do things when moved by the Spirit of God.

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