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- Because several experiments have shown very clearly that the results are not compatible with Einstein's predictions of general relativity. One of the most simple and remarkable experiment showing that Nature is not compatible with Einstein's hypothesis is the one described by Sagnac in 1914. Now, if you repeat the same experiment, with the same mirrors, (or even do it simultaneously), using light moving from East to West, you find that the time taken by light to move from East to West is shorter than the time taken for light to complete the revolution in the opposite direction.

One can also think of other important reasons, (like the non-conservation of momentum and mass-energy in general relativity [Ref.]) but this has been discussed elsewhere (see Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics). That difference of time is observed with the same apparatus, making simultaneous measurements, at the same location.

A divided panel on that court has provided insights into where things stand with regards to obviousness post- the patent at issue claims a method for processing liver cells that involves subjecting frozen and thawed liver cells to “density gradient fractionation” in order to separate viable cells from non-viable ones.

The viable cells are then frozen and thawed again “without requiring” a second density gradient step.

That’s the same thing, you know.” “Not the same thing a bit! “You might just as well say, ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’!

The typical driver covers 7,900 miles a year - based on RAC Foundation stats - if they overestimate by 15 per cent it would mean many motorists think they drive 1,185 miles more than they really do every 12 months. A simple way is to check your annual MOT certificate, which shows recorded mileage at the test. Obviously, if your driving habits change, so will annual mileage.

All knowledge in the prior art can now be cited to distinguish a true innovation from a mere product of connecting the dots in the relevant field.

The court’s enigmatic guidance is the subject of ongoing interpretation in the lower courts, not least in the Federal Circuit, which hears all appeals from patent cases.

Question: When I change my CBO statistics with dbms_stats, when will the changed statistics take effect on my SQL statements?

Answer: The best guess is 5 hours, but it depends on your release of Oracle.

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