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"We were swamped by men looking for contact, looking for sexual activities with us," Guyt said.During a demonstration for AP early Monday, one of the researchers logged into a public chat room as Sweetie - identifying himself by her purported age, gender and country of origin.

And not only did he violate other people’s privacy, he connected them directly with demands and threats, terrorizing them, it seemed, wherever they went. Amy watched in horror as the picture materialized on the screen: a shot of her in that very room, naked on the bed, having webcam sex with James.

Mijangos, whose father died from torture by drug cartels, was paralyzed from the waist down when he was sixteen, a victim of a gang violence crossfire in the streets of Mexico City.

You don’t have to condone or approve of what he did, but by the end of the story, the reader can see why he did it.

Yahoo breach In late 2014, hackers stole information associated with at least 500 million Yahoo user accounts.

This breach was publicly disclosed by Yahoo two years later on September 22, 2016.

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