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Santa Bárbara Airlines Flight 518 was an ATR 42–300 twin-turboprop aircraft, registration YV1449, operating as a scheduled domestic flight from Mérida, Venezuela to Caracas that crashed into the side of a mountain on 21 February 2008, shortly after takeoff.

Mérida, a university and tourist town located high in the Andes mountains, is surrounded by higher terrain with night flights prohibited at the nearby Alberto Carnevalli Airport.

Friendly Ride was formed on the premise of providing unparalleled limousine transportation.

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Antonio Rivero, national director of civil defense, said rescuers had identified the site of the crash in the south-western state of Mérida.

Unión Radio cited civil defense regional chief, Gerardo Rojas, as saying that rescue crews were racing to the poorly-accessible crash site in the Andes Mountains.

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Then a former engineer went public with explosive allegations of sexual harassment at the company.

Her story went viral, prompting Kalanick to launch an investigation and promise a swift response.

The company is valued at almost billion, is operating in hundreds of cities across the globe, and conducts millions of trips a month. But in the last few weeks, Uber’s future has been thrown into doubt.

Hundreds of thousands of customers deleted their accounts in protest of Kalanick’s ties to the Trump administration.

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