Instant fuck chat

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Earlier this year, we published a series of posts featuring instant messages written by Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, the New Yorker quoted two of them in a profile of Zuckerberg.

The Bad Timer: Some people think "Oh, it's too late/early to call and they'll be asleep. A phone that receives a text may still make a noise, and if you're anything like me that noise is on the bedside table and will still wake you up.Directed by Marcus Nispel in New York, the music video depicts with humour the apocalypse and shows Farmer bathing in the foam.The song became the biggest hit from the album, reaching number six in France, with a long chart trajectory.In January 2004, the song was the subject of a remix produced by One-T and was released as promotional single.After the mixed success of her single "XXL" and the poor chart performances of the Anamorphosée album, Farmer decided to release a second single, "L'Instant X", for the Christmas period.

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