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From award winning dog mushers to beloved pets, the felling of a neighborhood tree to the de-forestation of an entire region, this programme of eight short films highlights the concerns, affections, fears and curiosities of multiple artists based in the richly diverse Minnesota region, including: By Kevin Obsatz 7 min | 2016 | Sound | Colour | Digital | USA A document of the diligent and dangerous work of Minneapolis Arborists, and the last day of an old, dying tree in my front yard. By Laska Jimsen 5.5 min | 2013 | Sound | Colour | Digital | USA Exploring the human impulse to control, exploit, and profit from the natural world, Jimsen portrays a Christmas tree processing facility on Beaver Creek Road. Wednesday 24 May, 8.45pm GFT, Glasgow Book Tickets, £9.50/ 7.50 concessions This screening programme brings together live performance with artist moving image in a transatlantic coupling to explore multiple interpretations of Eros in contemporary art practice, with works from Nicole Miller, Kimberley O’Neill, Jacolby Satterwhite, Danielle Dean and Ursula Mayer.

Sydney joins the CIA and works as a double agent to help CIA Agent Vaughn to bring down SD6.Argentina:16 | Brazil:14 | Canada:14A (British Columbia) | Chile:14 | Germany:16 | Indonesia: D | Mexico: B | Netherlands:16 | Philippines: R-13 | Singapore: PG13 | South Korea:12 | Sweden:15 | Switzerland:16 | Taiwan: R-12 | UK:15 | USA: PG-13 (certificate #50490)Factual errors: Around 1 hour 3 minutes the Priest quotes from a Bible verse."Do not believe every spirit , but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.Ouija: Origin of Evil breaks the mold here, as it has good twists to its tale, is filmed a bit differently with good effects, and actually succeeded in frightening me. There are a couple of jumpy scares, but mainly, it's the continual feeling of dread surrounding the Horror That Is Doris that drives the film.When the twists start to come at the end, they are really quite horrible and offer a great explanation as to why this house/family are under attack.

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