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Co-written with Christophe Honoré—in whose Garrel played a guy caught in a bisexual love triangle—the story offers plenty of moments for the trio to strut their stuff, with Farahani literally doing just that during a memorable dive bar performance.

An opening scene shows 30-ish beauty Mona (Farahani, excellent) showering in slow motion to the tunes of Philippe Sarde’s hardworking score.

He enlists his buddy Abel (Garrel, seductive) to help win her over, but the plan backfires when Mona and Abel lock eyes—and lips. What was it like to direct your own performance for the first time? The guy I used in the May ’68 scene is the same guy from the Bertolucci movie. I guess I liked the idea of having Vincent do the most individual thing—trying to kill himself—in the middle of a collective uprising.

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Starring Garrel alongside indie stalwart Vincent Macaigne and Paris-based Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, this well-performed urban tryst channels a New Wave-ish vibe.

Occasionally a filmmaker comes along who truly remind us why we love cinema.

Christophe Honoré is not only one of those people, but also finds multiple other ways of expressing his seemingly endless creativity.

The first, which hit the big screen last summer, was “Yves Saint Laurent,” director Jalil Lespert’s stylish, if sedate, ode to the late icon, played by YSL doppelgänger Pierre Niney (who won a César Award for his performance).

The second, “Saint Laurent,” is Bertrand Bonello’s equally stylish interpretation, featuring French heartthrob — and Chanel ambassador — Gaspard Ulliel in the lead role.

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