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(Reported by Mark Michelson) * ASTERISK-25951 - res_agi: run_agi eats frames it shouldn't (Reported by George Joseph) * ASTERISK-26343 - ASTERISK-25951 causes issues for callerid manipulation through agi (Reported by Morten Tryfoss) * ASTERISK-26679 - Crash on invalid contact domain (pjsip aor) (Reported by Dmitriy) * ASTERISK-26699 - res_pjsip: Assertion when sending OPTIONS request to endpoint (Reported by Ross Beer) * ASTERISK-24858 - [patch]Asterisk 13 PJSIP sends RTP packets in wrong byte order on Intel platform when using slin codec (Reported by Frankie Chin) * ASTERISK-26754 - build_tools: make_build_h does not handle \ in user name (Reported by Kirill Katsnelson) * ASTERISK-26753 - AMI disconnect causes "ast_careful_fwrite: fwrite() returned error: Broken pipe" (Reported by Kirill Katsnelson) * ASTERISK-26755 - app_queue: Random queues disappear on "core reload queue all" (Reported by Kirill Katsnelson) * ASTERISK-26735 - res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip: "srv_lookups" after match in has no effect (Reported by Michael Maier) * ASTERISK-26693 - res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip: Add support for SRV (Reported by Joshua Colp) * ASTERISK-26743 - PJPROJECT: Detecting compiled max log level does not work.(Reported by Richard Mudgett) * ASTERISK-26740 - voicemail API test: uses varlibdir instead of datadir for a sound file (Reported by Tzafrir Cohen) * ASTERISK-26739 - voicemail API test: confuses expected and actual values (Reported by Tzafrir Cohen) * ASTERISK-26731 - res_sorcery_memory_cache: memory leak on every sorcery memory cache populate (Reported by Ustinov Artem) * ASTERISK-26710 - [patch] res_rtp_asterisk: CHANNEL arguments, (rtcp,all_rtt),(rtcp,all_loss),(rtcp,all_jitter) always return 0 (Reported by Aaron An) * ASTERISK-26672 - Crash when setting remote address on RTP instance (Reported by Richard Mudgett) * ASTERISK-26670 - [patch] Outgoing SIP-URI Dialing via PJSIP (Reported by Alexander Traud) * ASTERISK-26691 - Remember SDP negotiation on SIP_CODEC_INBOUND.p=pkgsrc-wip.git;a=commitdiff;h=f559b4061fc07a3d34da958bd0c2e2a5042f1ae1 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the copyright notices on the relevant files.diffstat: lld-netbsd/Makefile | 2 - lld-netbsd/distinfo | 2 -- lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input | 21 --------------------- lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input Section.h | 21 --------------------- 4 files changed, 1 insertion( ), 45 deletions(-) diffs: diff --git a/lld-netbsd/Makefile b/lld-netbsd/Makefile index f41eee815d..5dff7253a0 100644 --- a/lld-netbsd/Makefile b/lld-netbsd/Makefile @@ -5,7 5,7 @@ CATEGORIES= devel SVN_REPOSITORIES= lld SVN_REPO.lld= -SVN_REVISION.lld= 303743 SVN_REVISION.lld= 303965 MAINTAINER= pkgsrc-users%Net [email protected] HOMEPAGE= diff --git a/lld-netbsd/distinfo b/lld-netbsd/distinfo index 32d5e45e33..7931384fd5 100644 --- a/lld-netbsd/distinfo b/lld-netbsd/distinfo @@ -12,5 12,3 @@ Size (libcxx-3.6.2tar.xz) = 944020 bytes SHA1 (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 7a00257eb2bc9431e4c77c3a36b033072c54bc7e RMD160 (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 521cbc5fe2925ea3c6e90c7a31f752a04045c972 Size (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 12802380 bytes -SHA1 (patch-ELF_Input Section.cpp) = 4403850a2f2315d4761695032591df58ca0807fb -SHA1 (patch-ELF_Input Section.h) = e327aeb44ee9cc6a693122fe7e4f3e8b6aec4755 diff --git a/lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input b/lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input deleted file mode 100644 index 5512daeace..0000000000 --- a/lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input /dev/null @@ -1,21 0,0 @@ -$Net BSD$ - ---- ELF/Input orig 2017-05-24 .000000000 0000 - ELF/Input [email protected]@ -23,6 23,7 @@ - #include "llvm/Support/Compression.h" - #include "llvm/Support/Endian.h" - #include "llvm/Support/Path.h" - #include "llvm/Support/Threading.h" - #include - - using namespace llvm; [email protected]@ -866,7 867,7 @@ const Section Piece *Merge Input Section::g - // it is not just an addition to a base output offset.In general, packages for a given release are not updated until the next release (Open BSD lacks the developer resources for providing updates to packages on versions other than 'current').If you want to upgrade your packages more regularly, you either need to use ports, or upgrade to a new snapshot, and then run pkg_add -ui again.For further reading, check: practice, this means that as soon as a security fix/update is committed to the OPENBSD_5_3 tree a package will be built from the CVS tree.

It's infrequent event, as the 100th release will be held after 50 quarters.

The Net BSD team has prepared series of interviews with the authors.

The next one is with Ryo ONODERA, a Japanese developer maintaining large C packages.

(Reported by Alexander Traud) * ASTERISK-26673 - chan_pjsip: Crash when using CHANNEL dialplan function around masquerade (Reported by Joshua Colp) * ASTERISK-26684 - res_pjsip: Various issues with compact SIP headers (Reported by Joshua Elson) * ASTERISK-26655 - [patch]pjsip: Transfers Broken with Compact Headers Enabled (Reported by Josh E) * ASTERISK-26621 - app_queue: Queue application does not ring members with Local interface (Reported by Jonas Kellens) * ASTERISK-26586 - chan_sip: Segfaults upon reload if client with MWI wasn't registered (Reported by Michael Kuron) * ASTERISK-25494 - build: GCC 5.1.x catches some new const, array bounds and missing paren issues (Reported by George Joseph) * ASTERISK-24499 - Need more explicit debug when PJSIP dialstring is invalid (Reported by Rusty Newton) * ASTERISK-25083 - Message.c: Message channel becomes saturated with frames leading to spammy log messages (Reported by Jonathan Rose) * ASTERISK-26653 - pjproject_bundled doesn't verify already downloaded tarballs (Reported by George Joseph) * ASTERISK-26433 - chan_sip: Allows To-tag checks to be bypassed, setting up new calls (Reported by Walter Doekes) * ASTERISK-26579 - codec_opus: Recursiveness when parsing fmtp line (Reported by Jørgen H) * ASTERISK-26644 - PJSIPShow Registrations Inbound just dumps all aors (Reported by George Joseph) * ASTERISK-26490 - res_pjsip: sends 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist when transaction branch parameter contains "_" (Reported by Juris Breicis) * ASTERISK-26617 - res_rtp_asterisk: Can't bind on systems without IPv6 (Reported by Guido Falsi) * ASTERISK-24330 - Requirement for 'wss' value in Contact header transport parameter on inbound traffic violates RFC7118 (Reported by Marek Cervenka) * ASTERISK-26546 - mips64el and x32 - undefined reference to symbol '[email protected]@GLIBC_2.2' (Reported by Tzafrir Cohen) * ASTERISK-26566 - res_rtp_asterisk: RTT miscalculation in RTCP (Reported by Hector Royo Concepcion) * ASTERISK-26604 - chan_sip: sip reload doesn't apply changes to tlscertfile, tlsciphers, etc.

(Reported by Michael Kuron) * ASTERISK-26603 - [patch] chan_pjsip: not switching sending codec to receiving codec when asymmetric_rtp_codec=no (Reported by Alexei Gradinari) * ASTERISK-26523 - chan_sip: Asterisk 13.12.1 disconnects incoming calls after 2 minutes - rtptimeout behaving badly - regression (Reported by Michael Keuter) * ASTERISK-26503 - app_voicemail: Asterisk crashes when Mailbox Exists is used (Reported by Doug Lytle) Improvements made in this release: ----------------------------------- * ASTERISK-23828 - pjsip - Need a command to list active SIP subscriptions (Reported by Rusty Newton) * ASTERISK-26527 - Testsuite: increase timeout to check "core fullybooted wait" up to 30 sec (Reported by Badalian Vyacheslav) * ASTERISK-26624 - res_calendar_caldav: Add support for gmail (Reported by Eduardo Scudeller Libardi) * ASTERISK-26562 - app_controlplayback: Transmit Silence on Control Playback pause (Reported by Mikheili Dautashvili) For a full list of changes in this release, please see the Change Log: Log-13.14.0 Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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