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"We are prone to think that giving girls a reward for going to school will increase their motivation.Instead, our results indicate that stimulating their intrinsic joy of learning is a stronger predictor of their actual school going behavior, even under conditions of severe poverty," says researcher Marieke van Egmond of the University of Hagen in Germany, lead author on the study.A field study in Malawi reveals psychological factors played an important role in whether girls attended school, even under conditions of extreme poverty and deprivation: Girls were significantly more likely to attend class when they were intrinsically excited about school and learning, even when they struggled with a lack of basic resources at home.Education -- and girls' education in particular -- is often cited as one of the key pathways out of poverty, but in many parts of the world women and girls still face significant barriers that prevent them from attending school.

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, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.Although 46 checks per day is the average, that number varies depending on users' age group.Those between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones most often, with an average of 74 checks per day.1 in the social networking category, ahead of Facebook, Whats App, Kik, and others.It’s not immediately clear why Telegram emerged as the alternative of choice following Whats App’s downtime.

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