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In a first for Ontario, new judges will have to undergo training that includes sexual assault law — but the requirement will not apply to those already on the bench.

Progressive Conservative MPP Laurie Scott, who has been vocal about the issue in the legislature, said the changes announced Wednesday don’t go far enough because training isn’t required for all judges.“Mandatory training and mandatory sexual assault training are two different things,” said Scott, the party’s women’s issues critic.

“The judges’ continuing education plan for this coming year says only that judges are ‘encouraged’ to attend criminal law seminars, which include an ‘option’ of sexual assault training.

Nothing seems to have changed with regard to making sexual assault training mandatory for all judges, so this will do little to reassure sexual assault victims.”The new judicial education plan was quietly released late last month after receiving approval from the Ontario Court of Justice’s Education Secretariat and the Ontario Judicial Council.

I'd love for folks to start recording and posting their own videos, sharing their stories, so that this moves beyond just me and my work. I've spent a long time, battling the effects of sexual shame within mental health.

We will also probably start editing videos down, and putting together short clips of the most powerful parts of peoples' stories. What's clear from sexual research is that it's the shame that does damage, not the sex.

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