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The clues to knowing if he’s genuinely into you aren’t the big, showy gestures you might think.

He doesn't call when he's supposed to, he flirts with other women, I hardly see him and when I do he seems distracted and not that interested. If their parents have just split, they've just lost a job or at the tail end of a painful relationship split up, they're understandably going to be a bit all over the place or nervous about committing.It is human nature and men and women are both guilty of it in their own ways.For now, let’s examine why men have the tendency to stop giving like they used to.The first kind of response they are likely to receive is the type from guys who just ‘play the numbers.’ These are men who figure that because there is so much competition they may as well respond to as many profiles as possible and hope that they receive some responses.Women should be on the lookout for real short, terse, and somewhat generic responses to their personal ads and pay close attention to the content of the responses they receive to try to determine if the guy even took the time to read the woman’s profile.

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