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There are a number of little dings in the body and the rear ‘horns’ are both worn at the end, as illustrated in the photos (although they can easily be restored if required). While the case has a couple of hefty dings which have gone through the outer layer, it still does a good job of protecting the guitar.

Overall this guitar is in pretty good condition bearing in mind it’s age. So overall this is a solid example of this rare and highly collectible guitar, with typical signs of use as would be expected.

I gave my son one about 12 years ago when he was in high school. I bought it new at Johnson Music Studio in Columbia, sc, 1974.

Mine is not for sale, but I would like to know its value. I am wondering why the sticker is so plain, but does have the printed ovation logo on the sticker along with the model and serial numbers?

Homme owns several of these guitars in addition to his original black one, and relies on them for his signature sound.

Consequently, all his fans are going crazy trying to find a guitar like Homme's.

Ovation solidbodies never seem to get any respect, and this one got even less than most other Ovation electrics until very, very recently.

I've played all "the best", and with respect, Ovation, in particular the D-Scale is easily my favorite overall guitar.

This one is in tan over the solid Honduran mahogany body.

The original electronics are active and based on the fact that Ovation switched to Ovation humbucking pickups (metal covered with twin rows of six pole pieces) in 1975 and taking the serial number dating into consideration, we can deduce this particular example was made in January or February 1975.

He told me the bad news: it would cost me more to refret the guitar (0) than I had paid for it. this was given to me by an uncle in 1978 when I was 12 years old.

The good news: It is worth about 00 and wanted to buy it from me! He had stopped playing after owning it for a few years. Priceless : : HI, CAN ANYBODY TELL ME THE VALUE OF A VERY OLD OVATION MODEL NO; 1111-4 MANUFACTURED IN NEW HARTFORD CONNETICUT, THANK YOU.

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