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This wage calculator allows you to enter an hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual salary, and see what salary that translates into for the other time periods. This random date generator allows users to generate a number of random dates for any calendar year, allowing for limiters such as the ability to exclude specific days of the week and allowing a maximum number of dates per month.

This is another way of getting typical day results, since it does not appear to allow for typical weeks.

(Although Raoul Vanegeim edited and introduced a lovely little French edition).

Violence, for Fourier, is a failure of , of both built space and social relations.

It involves the partial remains of a group of people.

They were discovered in March 1994, when cavers exploring the El Sidrón cave system climbed into a small side gallery off of the cave’s main tunnel. Looks like human bones NARRATOR The remains are reported to authorities and partial skeletons of 4 humans are exhumed. Police and cavers note that the bones don’t look very old. They believe they are looking at the remains of victims of the Spanish civil war.

PRIESTS DON'T HAVE BABIES, NUNS DON'T HAVE BABIES --THEY have no place having an opinion on women's healthcare. If you want to understand the terrible position that voting rights advocates find themselves in today, consider the position that supporters of reproductive rights faced not so long ago. Anyone who doesn't "fit the mold" faces challenges, from recruitment to the hiring process and throughout their careers.

It's no wonder Silicon Valley has an atrocious attrition rate. But Johnson, a Trump supporter, brushed off his colleagues' concerns.

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