Red alert updating windows live

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The virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by Mc Afee, and there is no chance of repair for this type of virus. I keep gettin this patch error message when i try to update the game. In the coming days be aware: do not open any message containing an attached file called ‘Windows Live Update’ regardless of who you send. This virus comes from a known person who has your address list.This is why you should send this message to all your contacts.Take, for the instance, the following photograph that has been shared widely on Facebook, claiming to be a “Red Alert” warning for computer users.

Please circulate this notice to your friends, family and contacts!

There is no such virus, your hard disk is not going to be burnt, CNN has said no such thing, Microsoft has not classified any malware as “the most destructive virus that ever existed”, and as for the claims of hardware destruction… Too anyone with a more than basic computer knowledge, it’s clear that there’s something not quite right about the warning when you come to read it – and yet, at the time I took the screenshot, some 35,000 people had shared it with their Facebook friends and family members, presumably believing it to be true.

My guess is that many of those people didn’t even bother to read the warning.

It’s true that cybercriminals have often leveraged the name of the Windows Live service to spread malware, but the hoaxes are highly inaccurate and only create unnecessary panic.

If you want to protect yourself against pieces of malware, make sure that an up-to-date antivirus software is always running in the background, keep all your applications updated, and refrain from clicking on links or attachments received in unsolicited emails.

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