Self validating form php

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If you're want to use Ardent as a standalone ORM package you're invited to do so by using the following configuration in your project's boot/startup file (changing the properties according to your database, obviously): Implementing this yourself often results in a lot of repeated boilerplate code.As an added bonus, you controllers (or route handlers) get prematurely fat, and your code becomes messy, ugly and difficult to understand.Even inside one application you may end up with two different VO formats for two Bounded Contexts - one in the context of one platform you integrate with and second for the other.As important as having valid state of application and domain model is to give feedback to users.And again - this is not responsibility of the domain model to be coupled to user messages (that can also depend on the context).Especially that throwing an exception is not the best way to tell the user that something is no ok (but it is good to communicate in such way with developers).On our forum we are using the user's session-id as a token for forms that can be used to manipulate data.

Regardless VO constraints remain the same - just a valid email string.

Cross-site Request Forgery is a very common social exploit method to make people unknowingly do things on their own behalf on a targeted website.

It's the number four on the 2010 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors list.

The main reason this problem exists in most websites is the fact that they don't check the origin of an incoming request that results in an action on that website.

There are several ways a website can protect itself against these sort of attacks and I'm going to explain the way we, at, have implemented our own protection method.

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