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The New Zealand Police have distinguished between "New Zealand gangs", outlaw motorcycle gangs and local street gangs."Kiss Cam": it's always an uncomfortable proposition for sporting fans.Either you're greeted with cheers from fellow punters after being forcibly shamed into "romantically" PDA-ing your significant other, or you're being mercilessly booed because TV producers have made a horrible error and a whole stadium's urging you to make out with your childhood bestie or family member who accompanied you to the game or some random stranger who just happens to be seated beside you.They named the three most prominent "New Zealand gangs" as Black Power (not related to the African-American movement); the Mongrel Mob, and the Nomads.By the 1960s, there were four established gangs, Black Power, Mongrel Mob, Head Hunters and Stormtroopers, they had friends in high places with prime minister Robert Muldoon partying at a Black Power pad in 1976 and Wellington Mayor Michael Fowler stumping bail for seven of them after an altercation with the Mongrel Mob.

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