South park dating sim kamaniki

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Anyway, in this dating sim you play as Kenny, and your choices of love intrests are Stan, Kyle, and Craig. (I still have yet to get all of them...) The music for this game is cool and the art is seriously amazing!

Although it is short, it is a very cute and funny game (in my opinion) also in my opinion, Craig is the hardest to get... I loved this game even though I know about NOTHING about South Park, and am not a total fan of BL... You can find the game here: South Park Dating Sim by ~Chess Le Chat Someone on facebook found a website with otome games in English!

x DHaha~yeah, poor Cartman, I don't blame Kyle though! And I can see Kyle telling Stan about what happened and Stan being jealous coz he knows Cartman's telling the truth(man's intuition x D) and is all like "Goddamit the fat fucker is trying to steal my Kyle! I'm not yet finished with the new graphics, so PLEASE don't complain about the sucky drawings - I know they are sucky, and I know I can draw better than that now. I was playing this a few minutes ago, and I took the quiz in here that I made, and I failed it. Not saying I draw well, just saying that I've improved since when I last drew this... So hopefully you'll enjoy this crappy game Oh, and the loading bar is being stupid. Anyways, I'm going back to college in a little bit more than a week orz;; Have to start buying my books again...*sigh*I worship this game!!!! So, would you consider this video a collaboration video or just a "help-out help out" kinda video? BUT I ALSO FEEL LIKE THAT'LL BE TOTAL OVERKILL!!!!! The only downside I see in this sim date video game that it's only about sex, not TRUE ACTUAL ROMANCE!I just wish it was less sexual and more about true actual romance!!!! : ( Honestly, you make me keep going back for more with the "Yeah, you damn Jew. You're someone who easily puts up with my extreme annoyingness! By the way, I WORKSHIP and ADORE how you picked the different characters' songs to match their personalities. But really, who can say if it's about Kenny, it wouldn't be in that area? Stop ignoring the comments and answer my damn questions already!

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