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CCTV cameras captured the gang shopping at their leisure after the store closed and the sales people went home for the night.Morgan is really pulling an Alicia, being like “can I have a kiss on the forehead? Morgan’s like “Tori and I used to have so many feelings for each other and now we have none.” Speak for yourself, dude. YAS Morgan and Tori finally go to the boom boom room. I must have missed when they finished the challenge. They’re all at the pool and Shanley is bitching at Adam (again) and she’s like “none of you understand what it’s like! I’d rather we both go home with nothing than she get everything. I stand by my earlier comment that Adam is a battered wife, FWIW. This guy from what I’ve seen is not an all-star but he’s not a colossal fuckup like she’s making it seem? Inner Adam aka Adam to the camera: If I knew Shanley was going to steal, I’d totally steal.

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