Validating xml parser requires

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The typical extension for a schema file is , and belong to the namespace (

The handling of namespaces is fairly powerful, but also complex.

It is also difficult not to forget special cases when doing the validating through a set of The Schema modules provides subprograms and types to parse an XML schema and validate an XML document with this schema.

This document does not provide a full documentation on the format of XML Schemas.

validates all files in the current directory with extension "xml".

If no instance documents are supplied, the effect of the command is simply to check a schema for internal correctness.

This option may be combined with other options: the SCM file is written after all document instance validation has been carried out.

is specified, suppress calls on dynamically-loaded external Java functions.

If that describes your application, you might consider using package, which has less complicated combinators.The second phase is provided by the Schema module in XML/Ada.Although such constraints can be checked at the application level, with ad hoc code, it is generally easier to maintain a separate file that describes the valid semantic contents of the file, that maintain specific code when the semantic changes.This does not affect calls on integrated extension functions, including Saxon and EXSLT extension functions.This option is useful when loading an untrusted schema, perhaps from a remote site using an Set optimization level.

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