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The 2018 Golf GTI will feature a 2.0-liter TSI® turbocharged Inline 4 engine, capable of producing up to 220 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque!With each trim, you can harness the Golf GTI’s power through either a six-speed manual or DSG® automatic transmission.Both are incredibly responsive and able to keep you steady and secure no matter what the road throws your way!Stepping inside the Golf GTI’s various trims lets you enter a whole new world of comfort and subtle luxury.Its replacement, the eighth-generation model, will go on sale in 2018 – our exclusive renders show what it could look like in a variety of guises.If you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a new car, check out the recently leaked images the upcoming Golf facelift – this subtly upgraded model should go on sale in 2017.The Volkswagen Golf won the World Car of the Year in 2009, with the Volkswagen Golf Mk6 and in 2013 with the Volkswagen Golf Mk7.The Golf is one of only three cars, the others being the Renault Clio and Opel/Vauxhall Astra, to have been voted European Car of the Year twice, in 19.

The Golf Mk 7 won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award in 2015, and the Mk1 GTI also won the award in 1985 (due to it being built in Pennsylvania.) Volkswagen presented the first-generation Golf as a modern front-wheel-drive, long-range replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle.Launched in October 1997, it was the best selling car in Europe in 2001 (though it slipped to second place, behind the Peugeot 206, in 2002).The Mk4 was a deliberate attempt to take the Volkswagen Golf series further upmarket, with a high-quality interior and higher equipment levels.Dealer sets actual price."}]' The modern hatch From ,895Starting MSRP of ,895 for a 2017 Volkswagen Golf S 1.8L TSI® with 5-speed manual transmission.1.4L I4 16v 55k W (AHW/AXP/APE/AUA/AKQ/BCA) 1.6L I4 74k W (AEH/AKL/APF) 1.6L I4 75k W (AVU/BFQ) 1.6L I4 16v 77k W (AUS/AZD/ATN/BCB) 1.6L I4 16v FSI 81k W (BAD) 1.8L I4 55k W (AAM/ANN) (Cabriolet) 1.8L I4 66k W (ADZ/ANP) (Cabriolet) 1.8L I4 20v 92k W (AGN) 1.8T I4 20v Turbo 110k W (AGU/ARZ/ARX/AUM) 1.8T I4 20v Turbo 132k W (AUQ/AWP) 2.0L I4 85k W (APK/AQY/AZJ/AZH) also available as a CNG/gasoline bivalent version 2.3L VR5 110k W (AGZ) 2.3L VR5 20v 125k W (AQN) 2.8L VR6 130k W (AAA/AFP) 2.8L VR6 24v 150k W (AQP/AUE/BDE) 3.2L VR6 24v 177k W (BFH/BML) (R32) 1.9 I4 SDI 50k W (AGP/AQM) 1.9 I4 TDI 66k W (AGR/ALH) 1.9 I4 TDI 74k W (ATD/AXR) 1.9 I4 TDI 81k W (AHF/ASV) 1.9 I4 TDI 85k W (AJM/AUY) 1.9 I4 TDI 96k W (ASZ) 1.9 I4 TDI 110k W (ARL) (or VW Typ 1J) is a compact car, the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf and the successor to the Volkswagen Golf Mk3.

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