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Golfer Arnold Palmer, whose skill and swashbuckling style made him one of the biggest stars in the sport and a beloved figure to the general public, died Sept. Gene Wilder, who regularly stole the show in such comedic gems as "The Producers," "Blazing Saddles," "Young Frankenstein," "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Stir Crazy," died Aug. His nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said he died of complications from Alzheimer's disease. He also served for over 20 years as a Los Angeles reserve police officer.

Their agent has been banned from all conventions run by the promoters because…

Reader Photo #1 Reader Photo #2 A Peter Pan outfit wearing Selena Gomez in NYC this morning….

Read More Jun 5, 2017Enty Going to that huge Game Of Thrones convention this summer?

In these early accounts, Robin Hood's partisanship of the lower classes, his Marianism and associated special regard for women, his outstanding skill as an archer, his anti-clericalism, and his particular animosity towards the Sheriff of Nottingham are already clear.

Little John, Much the Miller's Son and Will Scarlet (as Will "Scarlok" or "Scathelocke") all appear, although not yet Maid Marian or Friar Tuck.

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