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Frost, 44, posed for the magazine with NO airbrushing. She is a vegetarian and says she takes good care of herself. It's not about taking my clothes off and using digital trickery to make me look slimmer.

Finding the key to a healthy and successful relationship is tough enough without the onslaught of women ‘dressed to kill’ on social media vying for attention.

film appearance is as vampire Lucy Westenra in Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992). After marrying Law and having three children with him, she cut down on her acting commitments in the late 1990s, and moved into producing and co-founding the production company Natural Nylon.s Designers of the Year Award 2004. In March 2006, Frost flew to South Africa to part-fund an orphanage for the Homes of Hope project.

She earned her living mainly through appearing in music videos, including for Pulp's song "Common People", Planet Perfecto featuring Grace's "Not Over Yet '99", and various productions for Spandau Ballet, where she met first husband Gary Kemp. In 2004, she wrote, presented, and produced a short-lived series What Sadie did next... In September 2006, aged 41, she posed nude for Canadian photographer Bryan Adams for a PETA anti-fur advert to coincide with London Fashion Week.

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"I knew that by even entertaining thoughts of Jude, I was jeopardising an idyllic home life, the most secure relationship I'd ever had," she writes, in an excerpt published by the Daily Mail.

"I crushed my unwelcome ideas about Jude, but it wasn't easy." But she couldn't suppress the feelings for long - Frost ultimately left her husband and moved in with Law.

If there's one label you're guaranteed to find in every celebrity's shoe collection, it's Isabel Marant.

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Sadie Frost has stripped down for UK's Grazia magazine, and showed that despite 4 kids (3 with ex-husband Jude Law) she looks great.

They married on 2 September 1997 and had three children: a son born in 1996; a daughter born in 2000; and another son born in 2002.

What does one wear to pop out and replenish the champagne supplies? Should you ever find yourself in this particular sartorial conundrum, just look to Sadie Frost's get-up for inspiration: designer jeans, a tweed jacket and some flats will do the job nicely!

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